Astrology angles

Astrology Angles

The angles are the ascendant (ASC), descendant (DESC), midheaven / medium coeli (MC) and imum coeli (IC). They are influenced by the sign where they are located. 


The ascendant shows how your appearance and personality are influenced. In most house systems it marks the cusp of the first house.



Appearance, overall approach to life, image, interaction with the world,  "me" sector, parts of the personality that are displayed, self, strong influence on outlook and behaviour, the way new situations are met, visible aspects of the personality.


 The descendant shows how you react to your partner and what you seek in relationships. In most house systems it marks the cusp of the 7th house.


Close relationships, environment where a partnership is likely to be initiated, how partnerships are perceived, how you react to a partnership, relationships, traits that need to be developed for the sake of a partnership, type of partner you want to live with, what is sought from a partnership, what you need to do to develop a partnership.


The MC shows your goals, ambitions, aspirations, what you strive to achieve, status and career. In most house systems it marks the cusp of the 10th house.


Achievement, aims, ambition, aspirations, career, goals, height of worldly success, prominent parent, public position, qualities which take effort to attain, status and recognition,  the qualities you admire, the type of career that is sought, what you seek in your career. 


The IC shows your home life and domestic environment, how you feel about being part of the family and your roots. In most house systems it marks the cusp of the 4th house.


Ancestry, ancestral influence, childhood circumstances, domestic environment, early home life, family and domestic circumstances throughout life, feelings about members of the family who live at home, own roots, how life begins and ends not when it begins and ends, need for privacy, parental home, passive parent, past influences, perception of own home, upbringing, what is needed for security, your feelings about your home.