Transiting Moon in houses

Transiting Moon in houses

Transiting Moon in the 1st house

Increased sensitivity to how you are affected by the emotions and moods of those who are around you, which may affect your behaviour. You may need more emotional support than you are willing to give.

Transiting Moon in the 2nd house

Emotional attachments to possessions and what you value are increased, so this is not necessarily the best time to clear some personal clutter.

Transiting Moon in the 3rd house

The influence your emotional state has on how you communicate and interact with people is increased. If you need to talk about your feelings this can be the time to do so.

Transiting Moon in the 4th house

Expect an urge to seek comfort and what you need to feel secure. There may be reminders of positive and negative emotional experiences from your past.

Transiting Moon in the 5th house

You could be in the mood to do something you enjoy or escape your responsibilities for a while for the benefit of your emotional wellbeing.

Transiting Moon in the 6th house

Anything associated with your health or work that need to be nurtured can gain you attention. A sense of security may be sought from personal routine or fulfilling your obligations.

Transiting Moon in the 7th house

If you're single you may pay attention to your emotional need for a relationship. If you're in a relationship you may pay attention to what you need to feel secure and how the relationship can be nurtured.

Transiting Moon in the 8th house

Emotions can be more intense than usual. Also resources you receive from other people can be used to nurture something you care about or give you what you need to feel secure.

Transiting Moon in the 9th house

A feeling of restlessness can give you an urge to get away from routine for a while. possibly travel. Also if you're studying a subject you could be in the mood to make some time for research or revision.

Transiting Moon in the 10th house

A time to nurture what you care about in your career or use your instinct to help you succeed in what you want to achieve. Be careful not to do something you may regret due to your emotional state that can affect your career or potential to achieve success.

Transiting Moon in the 11th house

Emotional support may be sought from your friends of those who you consider to be your allies. But be careful when expressing how you feel about your friends, because any unpleasant comments you make can be returned which may be very upsetting for you.

Transiting Moon in the 12th house

You may be in the mood to retreat for a while and spend some time alone to recuperate, or spend some time where you feel most comfortable.