Venus signs

Venus signs

Venus in Aries

Socially outgoing. Enjoys being the centre of attention. Passionate when showing affection. Finds strength of character and independence attractive. Attractions can be impulsive and short-lived. Can be self-centred to get what is desired.

Venus in Taurus

Finds strength of character and loyalty attractive. Shows affection by being tactile. May be possessive if they feel insecure. Desire for comfort and luxury.

Venus in Gemini

Sociable and enjoys a varied social life. Finds intelligence and wit attractive. Light hearted approach when expressing affection. May be fickle and superficial in their choice of what they desire

Venus in Cancer

Enjoys spending time with family and a few close friends. Shows affection by being caring and nurturing. Can be clingy or overprotective. A strong desire for what they need to feel secure.

Venus in Leo

 Likes to be the centre of attention. Attracted to people who have strength of character. Can make grand gestures to show affection. Able to be passionate and loyal.

Venus in Virgo

Reserved when showing affection. Attracted to people who are intelligent and well groomed. May enjoy giving criticism. Can be practical rather that creative or dramatic to show affection. Tendency to be fussy to get what they desire.

Venus in Libra

Attracted to people who are refined and well groomed. Shows affection by doing what they can to make the person they care about happy. Dislike of bad manners. Ability to get what is desired is affected by unnecessary compromises that are made to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Venus in Scorpio

Can be passionate when showing affection. Attracted to people who are intense or have a mysterious side to their personality. Capable of great passion and loyalty. An all or nothing approach may be taken to get what is desired.

Venus in Sagittarius

Sociable and outgoing. Attracted to people who are honest, open-minded and adventurous. Enjoys taking risks. Able to take action to get what is desired. Can be passionate but not necessarily romantic.

Venus in Capricorn

Usually reserved and controlled. Attracted to people who are responsible, ambitious and wealthy. Avoids public displays of affection. There may be a desire for success and money.

Venus in Aquarius

Likes to spend time with people from different backgrounds. Finds independence and individuality attractive. May avoid being emotional when they express affection. A desire for freedom.

Venus in Pisces

Easily forms emotional attachments. Can make sacrifices to show affection. Sympathetic and caring to the people they are closest to. May not be passionate but there is an ability to be romantic.