The use of progressions in astrology

     Progression is a technique used to create an astrology forecast. There are different types of progression; I prefer to use secondary progressions also known as a day for a year. A forecast using progressions shows personal changes and development.

     Usually the aspects for the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are used as the rest of the planets travel too slowly. Progressions are interpreted by using planets in signs, houses and aspects. The progressed Sun shows the most important personal events, especially when the progressed Sun enters a new sign.

Primary Progressions

     Primary progressions are also known as primary directions; they use a degree for each year. Degrees of right ascension rather than degrees of the zodiac are used.

Secondary Progressions

     A day for a year is used for this technique where the time of birth after the day of birth is used for the first year.

Tertiary Progressions

     A day for a month is used. Each day is used to represent a lunar month which is approximately 27.322 days.

Converse Directions

     A day for a year technique is used except converse directions go in reverse instead of forwards. The first year is shown by using the same time as the time of birth a day before the day of birth.

Minor Progression

One lunar month is used to forecast one year.

Duodenary Progressions

     Each sign is divided by 12 into sections of 2 degrees 30 minutes. The chart is progressed by 2 degrees 30 minutes for each year.

Nailbod Arc

    The mean daily motion of the Sun which is 59 minutes and 8 seconds is used to represent one year. The 59 minutes and 8 seconds are added to the position of the MC (Midheaven).


     This technique is used in sidereal astrology. There are two methods; one method uses a day for a year according to a sidereal day, there are approximately 366.242 days a sidereal year. The other method uses a day for a year according to a tropical day, there are approximately 365.242 days a tropical year.

Solar Arc Directions


     A solar arc is the distance between the natal Sun and the secondary progressed Sun. The whole chart is moved by the same distance as the secondary progressed Sun from the Sun in the birth chart. All the planets, celestial bodies, houses and angles are moved by the same measurement as the progressed Sun. 

Progressed Aspects

Progressed Conjunction

   A time for a fresh start and to initiate new projects. If can also show what requires immediate attention.

Progressed Opposition

   A balance is needed according to what is represented by the natal planet and the progressed planet.

Progressed Square

   Effort is required to sort out difficulties shown by the natal planet and progressed planet in this aspect. This may be a struggle but the experience can be valuable.

Progressed Trine

   Positive experiences are indicated by what is represented by the natal and progressed planets in this aspect.

Progressed Sextile

   Opportunities are represented by the natal and progressed planets, but the initiative will have to be taken to use them to the best advantage.