Transiting Sun in Houses

Transiting Sun in Houses

Transiting Sun in the 1st house

There is a focus on personal matters. It's a good time to take a look at yourself and your life to assess what needs to be done for improvement and personal progress.

Transiting Sun in the 2nd house

Personal resources, finances and what is valued will require your attention. You may be required to assert your own values or evaluate what resources you need.

Transiting Sun in the 3rd house

A time to evaluate what you want from or how you can benefit from your interaction with people, especially with your neighbours. 

Transiting Sun in the 4th house

Attention may be paid to how your confidence and behaviour are affected by past experiences or what you need to be secure.

Transiting Sun in the 5th house

Risks could be taken for personal benefit if they can make you happy. There could be a strong urge to focus on what you enjoy regardless of how anyone may react.

Transiting Sun in the 6th house

A time to deal with matters that need to be dealt with which require strength, especially if your confidence is lower that it usually is. Your physical health may require your attention.

Transiting Sun in the 7th house

If you're in a relationship you may evaluate how your ability to express yourself in the relationship is affected by your partner. If you're single you could be too self-absorbed to seek a relationship.

Transiting Sun in the 8th house

Attention may be paid to personal psychological issues that affect your self-esteem and your behaviour. 

Transiting Sun in the 9th house

Efforts to broaden your horizons or do something unfamiliar can give your strength and increase your confidence.

Transiting Sun in the 10th house

This can be a constructive time to focus on what you want to achieve and how you want to make progress in your life. 

Transiting Sun in the 11th house

It's easier than usual to be confident enough to express your individuality when you interact with people who are potential friends or associates.

Transiting Sun in the 12th house

Personal restrictions may have to be dealt with that require strength; overcoming these restrictions can increase your confidence.