Saturn signs

Saturn signs

Saturn in Aries

Can struggle to express passion. Becomes stronger and more confident when they overcome personal obstacles.

Saturn in Taurus

Fear of losing material and financial resources. Has to work hard to earn money and material possessions.

Saturn in Gemini

Can struggle to communicate due to inferiority about their intelligence. Tendency to be anxious about personal obstacles.

Saturn in Cancer

Emotionally sensitive to restrictions and personal obstacles. Has to work hard to overcome their vulnerabilities.

Saturn in Leo

Being ignored or treated as unimportant affects their confidence. A lack of confidence reduces their ability to overcome personal obstacles.

Saturn in Virgo

A tendency to work too hard and take on too many responsibilities. May fear being seen as incompetent and unreliable.

Saturn in Libra

A fear of being lonely or unpopular. They make a lot of effort to be as likeable to as many people as possible.

Saturn in Scorpio

Reluctant to express passion and strong emotions. They may repress their emotions due to being apprehensive about the reaction they will receive.

Saturn in Sagittarius

They have a fear of their freedom and independence being restricted. They are willing to work hard to prevent this from happening.

Saturn in Capricorn

Likely to be disciplined and hard working. Vulnerable to pessimism and possibly depression.

Saturn in Aquarius

Has a fear of sudden and unexpected events in their life than can create upheaval; they may work hard to avoid them.

Saturn in Pisces

There is a difficulty in expressing sensitivity and vulnerability. This may be due to a fear of being hurt by the reaction that will be received.