Transiting Saturn in houses

Transiting Saturn in houses

Transiting Saturn in the 1st house

This could be a phase in your life where you start to take your life more seriously. Responsibilities may have to be accepted, which affect your outlook on life and your behaviour.

Transiting Saturn in the 2nd house

A more responsible approach may have to be taken where your finances are concerned due to a reduction in the amount of money you receive; or you ability to earn money could be restricted. To obtain what you need to be financially secure may require hard work.

Transiting Saturn in the 3rd house

When Saturn is in this house you may want to take the opportunity to think seriously about something important in your life where log and reason may be required. Sharing ideas and information with people who are able to help you can be useful if they're reliable they can create difficulties if they're not.

Transiting Saturn in the 4th house

Any restrictions created due to your upbringing and past experiences can have a strong influence on you now and highlight what you need to feel secure. To conquer these restrictions will require hard work, patience and persistence.

Transiting Saturn in the 5th house

Opportunities to do what you enjoy such as a leisure activity or a hobby may be restricted due to work commitments or responsibilities that take up any spare time you may have. Saturn in this house can also restrict creativity. 

Transiting Saturn in the 6th house

Chores and responsibilities, especially at work, can be more demanding than usual. It's possible your health could be affected if you spend too much time and effort on work and routine tasks that you feel obligated to carry out.

Transiting Saturn in the 7th house

A more serious approach may be taken where partnerships and relationships are concerned. Commitment to a partner may be considered, or a lot of effort may be made to seek a potential partner. Be aware that you could feel restricted or have to deal with obstacles due to competitors or those who oppose you.

Transiting Saturn in the 8th house

Any responsibility you have that is associated with financial investment, loans, inheritance will have to be taken seriously otherwise you can make your life more difficult than it needs to be. If you decide to initiate a personal transformation you may have to work hard to conquer your inhibitions and obstacles that restrict your progress.

Transiting Saturn in the 9th house

If you decide to study a subject with the intention of gaining a qualification when Saturn is transiting this house can be a good opportunity to do so. You may find that you're willing to be committed and able to work hard to gain as much knowledge as possible. Long distance travel has an increased chance of a delay, frustration or cancellations before or during a journey.

Transiting Saturn in the 10th house

A lot can be done to succeed in what you want to achieve, but you will have to be patient when necessary, persistent and work hard. There may be restrictions, difficulties or personal apprehensions that have to be dealt with; but with each challenge there is a lesson that can be used to your advantage in the future.

Transiting Saturn in the 11th house

More effort than usual may have to be made to maintain the relationships you have with your friends and to maintain contact with your associates. Strong friendships can be taken seriously and you may feel an increased sense of responsibility to your friends.

Transiting Saturn in the 12th house

Personal limitations and behaviour where you can be your own worst enemy will require a lot of effort, persistence and patience to overcome them. You may find that you have to rely on your own resources, which can make you realises you had strength you didn't know you had.