Sun signs

Sun signs

Sun in Aries

The basic characteristics of your personality are enthusiasm, impatience and an ability to be assertive. You're able to lead and find it easy to gain attention. When you're challenged by others you can become forceful, even aggressive in order to win. You have a need for challenges which can lead to you taking unnecessary risks. Occasionally the outcome of the risks you take can be unfavourable for you, but you're usually able to recover from any setbacks when they occur.

It's easy for you to be impatient with those who are slower than you, or those who hesitate to take action. The problem is you don't always see any reason why people are not able to do what you can do; this can be seen as insensitivity.

Being easy to provoke and quick tempered with the urge to act first without thinking of the consequences can get you into trouble. There is a tendency for you to become involved in arguments and accidents. However, when dangerous situations occur you can show immense courage; especially to protect friends, family or those who are vulnerable.

Sun in Taurus

 You're patient and resourceful with a tendency to be stubborn. It's difficult for you to cope with too many changes and you may resist change when it's forced upon you. This attitude to change can get you stuck in a rut of your own making. 

In situations where others try to provoke a reaction from you it will take a long time for you to react. You will tolerate a substantial amount of antagonism until your anger builds up and explodes; this can be a shock to those on the receiving end of your temper.

You value your money and possessions which give you a feeling of stability; you're willing to work hard to get them. However, when it's not necessary for you to work for what you want you can become lazy.


Sun in Gemini

It's easy for you to become bored so you need to be kept mentally active. You're restless and changeable with a habit of frequently changing your mind. This is due to a dislike of making decisions that could restrict your freedom, so you prefer to keep your options open.

Friends and associates are important to you; sometimes you refer to your associates as friends. You enjoy communication and can maintain a conversation, but you prefer to keep communication light hearted; so you won't want to be with friends and associates who take themselves too seriously. 

At best you're intelligent, talkative and have a good sense of humour. At worst you can be fickle and unreliable.


Sun in Cancer

 You have strong attachments to your family and friends. Being overly caring and protective to those you care about can sometimes be seen as suffocating and over protective. When you're unhappy you can be very moody. There may also be a tendency to appear tougher than you really are. Hurtful comments will be brooded over and remembered.

 You’re inclined to have a rose tinted view of past events and you may alter your memories to suit yourself rather than remember accurately what actually happened.

Sun in Leo

It's likely you're a natural leader, enthusiastic, generous but bossy and like being the centre of attention. Anyone who thinks they can give you orders is mistaken; you respond to persuasion and flattery rather than commands.

You prefer luxury items rather than basic quality items. There is the tendency for you to spend money on the best you can afford rather than a large quantity of items that may be good enough for their intended use, because you may not consider them to be good enough for you.

Sun in Virgo

As you're careful, methodical and pay attention to detail it can be difficult for you to see the bigger picture. What seems like a small and trivial problem to most people can be difficult for you to ignore. Finding faults and criticism is easy for you; which can give the impression you're fussy and can be petty.

You're dependable and willing to work hard which can be admirable qualities to have. However, be careful not to let people take advantage of you by doing their work for them.

Most people with this Sun sign are compulsive about being neat and tidy, or messy and disorganised but fussy about how they like their possessions to be arranged.

Sun in Libra

You like to be popular and make every effort you can to boost your popularity. Conflict is usually avoided and excessive compromises are made to avoid hostility. Instead you prefer to be amiable and keep the peace. You're able to use charm and flattery to gain friends and allies.

Most people don't realise you're not as concerned about them as they think you are. Not taking sides in a dispute is for your benefit rather than being impartial to benefit other people. If you take sides you could make enemies, which is unpleasant for you to experience.

Sun in Scorpio

You're secretive about your vulnerabilities and won't tolerate being pressured by others to reveal them. You have a resource of hidden strength and an ability to cope well in a crisis.

When you care about someone you're usually loyal. If a relationship is seen as worthwhile you'll put a lot of effort into it. In romantic relationships intense and strong feelings are expressed. Sometimes you can be possessive, jealous or vindictive if you feel you have been betrayed. It's not easy for you to forgive and forget.

Sun in Sagittarius

Enthusiasm is a strong characteristic in your personality. It's likely you're extrovert, outspoken and honest. Independence and freedom are important to you, especially as you like to travel and live life to the full. Restless and a dislike of routine can be a problem if you have a mundane occupation you need to have challenges to conquer. 

Whether you're religious or non-religious you tend to be fairly broadminded where beliefs are concerned, but you may be so enthusiastic about your own beliefs that you have a tendency to preach about what you believe in.

Sun in Capricorn

You're likely to be ambitious, reserved and willing to work hard. Sometimes you can be too cautious and pessimistic to make the most of your ambitious nature. You're able to accept challenges without any assistance, if you fail you learn lessons from your failure.

There are a few people who you consider to be your friends. Loyalty is important to you, it's expected and returned. In relationships you're more sensitive and vulnerable than anyone would suspect you to be. A serious and emotionally controlled side to your personality gives the impression that you're unemotional, which is not true.

Sun in Aquarius

 You're an individual and have your own way of dealing with what life throws at you. Freedom is very important to you and if it's restricted you can become ill. A refusal to conform can cause problems; the more you're pressured to conform the more stubborn you become in your efforts to resist conformity. You can follow rules though if you think they're reasonable, but you're not afraid to question them. Convention and tradition are also questioned.

Usually you're tolerant, understanding, amiable and slow to anger. An aloof appearance gives the impression that you're unemotional and uncaring, but this is untrue. You don't like to be involved in emotional matters. Dealing with clingy and possessive people is difficult for you to cope with. You're independent and don't like to be treated like a possession.

Sun in Pisces

     You're usually compassionate, sensitive and intuitive. It's likely you have the ability to sense how people are feeling. Reality can be difficult for you to cope with if it's difficult or demanding; you prefer to escape from your problems than confront them.

      There is a tendency for you to be more vulnerable than most people where you can be taken advantage of by those who have a hard luck story. Make sure you get your facts right before you offer assistance to those who claim they need it; especially if money is involved.