Moon signs

Moon signs

Moon in Aries

Expressing emotion comes easily to you and you won't hide how you feel, but you're not keen to show vulnerability. Emotional strength is important to you; what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Impatience and impulsiveness can lead to a tendency to jump to conclusions; which can create a quick emotional reaction.

Moon in Taurus

It's rare for you to have emotional outbursts; they only tend to happen when you're very upset. Usually you're calm and slowly build up to an emotional reaction. There may be a need for emotional stability; a lack of stability in your life can be emotionally draining for you.

Moon in Gemini

You may have a light hearted approach to emotional matters, deep emotional involvement tends to be avoided. Emotional responses are quick and changeable. Fortunately you find it easy to communicate how you feel; talking about your emotions can help you to be rational about your emotional state. Mostly your emotional responses have some logic to them.

Moon in Cancer

Emotionally you can be sensitive and you have strong instincts. Being sensitive to the moods of others means that you should avoid any involvement with those who have a negative effect on your emotional wellbeing. Care should be taken when you decide to express your deepest feelings because when you do you can make yourself vulnerable.

Moon in Leo

Your emotional reactions to situations can be dramatic or exaggerated. There may be an emotional need to receive attention and admiration; being ignored can make you unhappy. Generosity and loyalty can be used to show affection towards those you care about.

Moon in Virgo

An analytical and logical approach may be taken when you express emotion. Usually you're emotionally reserved and emotional outbursts are rare. It's comfortable for you to keep control of your emotions and avoid issues that may create an emotional response. However, you're vulnerable to feeling worried or anxious.

Moon in Libra

You do your best to be emotionally balanced. Arguments and unpleasant issues from your past may be avoided; also compromises tend to be made to avoid uncomfortable emotions. Social contact, pleasant surroundings and feeling appreciated all have a positive effect on your emotional wellbeing.

Moon in Scorpio

You can have deep and intense emotions. If you're upset you may be moody, possessive, jealous, hold grudges or sulk. Being wary of allowing anyone to see your vulnerabilities can make it difficult for you to trust people. Adults with this Moon placing need the intimacy that sex can bring as it has a positive effect on their emotional wellbeing.

Moon in Sagittarius

There is an emotional need for freedom which can affect your ability to make commitments. Being honest and outspoken about how you feel is beneficial for your emotional wellbeing. It's not often you will show any sign of suffering with depression or dark moods as you tend to feel optimistic.

Moon in Capricorn

It may not be easy for you to express emotion or show vulnerability; it's more comfortable for you to be in control of your emotions. There may be a pessimistic streak with a tendency to be gloomy when there are difficulties in your file; which can have a detrimental effect on your emotional wellbeing.

Moon in Aquarius

Being emotionally detached and logical when you express your feelings may be seen as unemotional. Sometimes people may think you have a lack of empathy, but this isn't the case you can be sympathetic. Having the freedom to do what you want in your own way is necessary for your emotional wellbeing; feeling restricted and suffocated is stressful for you.

Moon in Pisces

As you're emotionally sensitive and vulnerable it's easy for your feelings to be hurt; so it may be a good idea for you to avoid arguments and conflict. You're receptive and easily able to be aware of the emotional state of another person without them verbally expressing how you feel.