Transiting Neptune in houses

Transiting Neptune in houses

Transiting Neptune in the 1st house

This may be a time when you feel slightly unsure of yourself, which can have a subtle effect on your confidence and physical health.

Transiting Neptune in the 2nd house

Creative methods and ideas will be required to earn money, especially when there is uncertainty about your financial security.

Transiting Neptune in the 3rd house

There may be some confusion or deception when you interact with people and you may occasionally struggle to find out what is true and what is untrue.

Transiting Neptune in the 4th house

Deception or uncertainty in your life may increase your need for security. It's also possible an experience or knowledge from your past may not be what you thought it was.

Transiting Neptune in the 5th house

Leisure activities and hobbies can provide escapism that help you to cope with any anxiety or stress you have in your life. If you like to spend your time doing something creative may find it easy to be inspired.

Transiting Neptune in the 6th house

Routine and discipline associated with chores and responsibilities can give you a feeling of stability when there is uncertainty, especially within the work place.

Transiting Neptune in the 7th house

Creative ideas are required if there are difficulties created by those who oppose you. Where partnerships are concerned there are likely to be issues where you are uncertain about what you should do. 

Transiting Neptune in the 8th house

This may if you choose to loan, borrow or invest money be aware the risk of problems being created due to confusion or deception is increased when Neptune is in this house. 

Transiting Neptune in the 9th house

A desire for freedom may give you the urge to travel to a foreign country for a while as a form of escapism. Deception or confusion could affect your beliefs. 

Transiting Neptune in the 10th house

Inspiration and creativity can be used to help you achieve what you want from life, especially in a career; but your chances of success affected by uncertainty, confusion or a lack of direction.

Transiting Neptune in the 11th house

Friends and allies can help if you experience anxiety caused by uncertainty about something important in your life. Don't make sacrifices for friends of associates if you think there is deception. 

Transiting Neptune in the 12th house

Creativity and inspiration can be used to overcome personal issues and behaviour that restrict you. Sacrifices may have to be made to deal with limitations caused by an urge to escape difficulties rather than confront them.