Transiting Mars in houses

Transiting Mars in houses

Transiting Mars in the 1st house

Action will be taken to assert yourself and you may be willing to fiight for your own interests. It's possible you could have more physical energy than usual, so this may be a suitable time to become more active to improve your health.

Transiting Mars in the 2nd house

An assertive approach may be required when you have to deal with matters associated with your finances and what is valuable to you. Be careful to avoid problems due to impulsive financial decisions; risks can be taken but sometimes you should think before you act.

Transiting Mars in the 3rd house

There are matters associated with your local environment and your neighbours that require you to take action, you may find you're able to be assertive regardless of the reaction you may receive. There may be a tendency for you to express your opinions when you know they can cause arguments or at least upset a few people.

Transiting Mars in the 4th house

If something from your past needs to be confronted now is the time to confront it; there may be some arguments but the outcome can make you feel stronger. Where your home life is concerned you may become more assertive and active; which can help you to gain what you need to feel secure within your domestic environment.

Transiting Mars in the 5th house

There is an increase in enthusiasm for creative or leisure activities which can take up a substantial amount of your time and energy. This may be a good time to become involved in a sport or something else you enjoy that requires physical effort.

Transiting Mars in the 6th house

If you're employed you may find you are more assertive with your colleagues, even if there are disagreements or arguments that have to be dealt with. Regardless of whether you're employed, unemployed or retired you will find you have more energy to deal with tasks and chores that have to be completed.

Transiting Mars in the 7th house

Plenty of energy may be spent on close relationships and partnerships, also an assertive approach may be taken to get what you want from them. It's possible there will be some conflict with those who oppose you, competitors and if you have them enemies.

Transiting Mars in the 8th house

An area or areas of your life can go through a transformation which will require you to be assertive and take action when necessary; especially where joint resources, loans, inheritance or investments are concerned. 

Transiting Mars in the 9th house

There may be an urge to take the initiative to travel to a foreign location or contact those who have a different culture from the culture that is familiar to you. It's now when you are able and willing to fight for your beliefs and your freedom.

Transiting Mars in the 10th house

Increased energy and enthusiasm in your career or in what you want to achieve in your life can help you to gain success if you are able to be focused and organised. You may have to fight for what you want to achieve it's possible you could experience conflict with someone in a position of power.

Transiting Mars in the 11th house

If you need to take the initiative to gain allies this could be the time to do so. More energy may be spent on your social life with your friends. You could find there will be disagreements or arguments with friends or associates; or you may have to fight to defend your friends.

Transiting Mars in the 12th house

It's likely you will have to fight against personal restrictions and difficulties that are usually kept yourself. Determination and action will be required which may not be easy for you; especially as you are not as assertive as you usually are. However, the lessons you learn can help you to find strength you didn't know you had.