Transiting Venus in houses

Transiting Venus in houses

Transiting Venus in the 1st house

During this phase you could become more popular or appealing if you choose to express the most attractive and appealing traits of your personality. An opportunity to improve your physical appearance.

Transiting Venus in the 2nd house

Opportunities to attract money are increased, but if you're not careful there can be difficulties in the future if care isn't taken to avoid wasting your financal resources on items that are desired not required.

Transiting Venus in the 3rd house

Being pleasant and diplomatic when you interact with people may appeal to you at the moment; especially towards your neighbours and people who live near to you. Generally people in your local area may be more friendly than usual.

Transiting Venus in the 4th house

It's likely you will experience a desire for some peace and appreciate anything that gives you a feeling of security. Within your domestic environment you may have an urge to improve the appearance of your home.

Transiting Venus in the 5th house

Possibly one of the best opportunities to go on holiday is when Venus is in this house. Also it can be a favourable time to spend time on leisure or creative activities.

Transiting Venus in the 6th house

If you work for a living the use of tact and persuasion can be to your advantage, especially with your colleagues or work associates. Where your health is concerned you will appreciate it if you're in good health; but there can be problems due to overindulgence or laziness.

Transiting Venus in the 7th house

If you're in a relationship you may appreciate your partner and be willing to make compromises for the sake of the relationship. If you're single you may make an effort to seek and attract a potential partner. Be aware tact may be necessary if you have to deal with individuals who oppose you, such as competitors or those you consider to be your enemy.

Transiting Venus in the 8th house

You may find that you attract money due to what happens to the financial resources of relatives or those who are associated with you; possibly through an inheritance, loan or investment. Feeling appreciated or attractive may become more important to you in your sex life.

Transiting Venus in the 9th house

Enjoyment may be sought from travelling to a foreign country, studying a subject in depth or doing something adventurous. When Venus is in this house you may appreciate freedom more than you usually do.

Transiting Venus in the 10th house

Attracting opportunities to achieve and succeed, especially in matters associated with the career. Tact and diplomacy can be used to gain assistance from those who are able to help you in this area of your life, who can make your path to achievement go smoothly.

Transiting Venus in the 11th house

The friends and allies you have are appreciated and compromises could be made to maintain them. You could find you are inclined to make an effort to gain more friends and allies by being more friendly and sociable.

Transiting Venus in the 12th house

Spending some time along to do something self-indulgent may appeal to you. Having some time and space to escape for a while gives you an opportunity to see where compromises need to be made to deal with personal limitations or difficulties.