Business Astrology

Business Astrology

Business astrology is used for businesses and an astrology chart for a business is created for the moment it starts functioning. Astrology signs, houses, planets and aspects are used; eclipses can also be used to indicate trends that affect business. The ascendant represents the image of the business. Jupiter and Saturn are slow and fast enough to show major changes; Uranus, Neptune and Pluto show changes that take a long time to develop and progress. The North Node shows what needs to be achieved and gained for the benefit of the business; the South Node shows what is outdated and no longer needed.

Astrology signs in Business Astrology

Aries: Pioneering.

Taurus: Property, wealth, real estate.

Gemini: Air travel, communication, advertising.

Cancer: Trade and transport by water.

Leo: Publicity.

Virgo: Analysis, service.

Libra: Diplomacy.

Scorpio: Research.

Sagittarius: International matters.

Capricorn: Authority, planning, organisation, rules and regulations.

Aquarius: Innovation.

Pisces: Creativity.

Astrology houses in Business Astrology

1st House: New enterprise, character of the business.

2nd House: Wealth, value, profit, turnover.

3rd House: Communication, ideas, local travel, interaction with customers.

4th House: Head office, business premises.

5th House: Creativity, leisure, enjoyment, risks.

6th House: Routine, colleagues, work.

7th House: Partnerships; legal matters, opposition.

8th House: Investment, insurance, shares, loans, debts, tax.

9th House: Foreign affairs, import and export, expansion, courses at work.

10th House: Success and achievement, status, reputation, ambitious projects.

11th House: Allies and associates, aspiration.

12th House: Hidden side of the business, confidential information, theft and fraud, restrictions.