Mercury signs

Mercury signs

Mercury in Aries

Assertive in communication. Impulsive when making decisions, quick thinking. Quick to make decisions that can cause problems due to a lack of attention to detail. 

Mercury in Taurus

Tends to think before speaking. Difficulty creating ideas but the ideas they create can be practical. A good listener. Reluctant to change their mind once a decision has been made. Can be opinionated.

Mercury in Gemini

Articulate, a natural ability to communicate. Quick to learn. Mentally versatile and can process a substantial amount of information quickly. Easily distracted. Opinions can be fickle.

Mercury in Cancer

Able to express emotion. Sensitive to criticism. Emotions affect communication and ability to make decisions. Likely to have a good memory.

Mercury in Leo

Confidence in communication. Mental strength and determination. Strong opinions and reluctant to change them. Sometimes little attention is paid to important details when a decision has to be made.

Mercury in Virgo

Mentally sharp and analytical. Rational and critical. Can be fussy and pay too much attention to detail. May need to be organised to be able to be mentally focused.

Mercury in Libra

Enjoys social contact, communication and gossip. Easily uses flattery. Tends to weigh all the options before making a decision. Sometimes too willing to make compromises when decisions have to be made.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mentally focused. Can be passionate and intense in communication. May prefer to communicate only when necessary. Can be secretive when gathering information before making a decision. Capable of expressing vicious and hurtful comments in an argument.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Needs freedom of expression in communication. Can speak before they think. May ignore facts for the sake of an idea. Prefers to speak the truth in an argument that can be hurtful.

Mercury in Capricorn

Not very talkative. Rational and has common sense. Mentally stable. Capable of concentration and mental focus. Not likely to be dramatic in communication.

Mercury in Aquarius

Open minded. Maintains independence in communication. May create unusual but logical ideas. Can be unpredictable in a debate or an argument.

Mercury in Pisces

Emotions affect communication. Sensitive to criticism. Can be vague in communication. A vivid imagination. Thoughts can be overwhelmed by emotional state. May regularly spend time deep in thought. Prone to daydreaming.