Fixed Stars

Fixed Stars

The use of Fixed Stars in astrology

Fixed stars appear to be stationary but they progress approximately 50 seconds per year due to the precession of the equinoxes. This is also why the zodiac signs have moved from constellations of the same name; for example a star in the constellation Aries could be found in the zodiac sign Taurus. There are plenty of constellations and some astrologers use the influence of the constellations when they use fixed stars in an astrology chart, I prefer to use the influence of the zodiac signs. The fixed stars add extra energy to a chart. If a fixed star is in conjunction with a planet it will add some energy to the influence the planet has in the chart.

The magnitude and spectral type of a fixed star shows how much energy it can give to a chart. A weak magnitude and a weak spectral type show a weak energy. Magnitude is measured in numbers; a low or minus number shows a strong energy and a high number shows a weak energy. Usually the numbers range from -1.5 to 7. Spectral type is shown by a letter and a number. The letters are O, B, A, F, G, K, M, L and T. O is the highest energy and T is the lowest energy. There are three exceptions, the first exception is a Wolf-Rayet star which has a high energy and is listed as WR. The second exception is a nebula which has a low energy and is listed as N. The third exception is a cluster which has a high energy and is listed as C. the numbers for the spectral type range from 0 to 9.9. 0 has the highest energy and 9.9 has the lowest energy.

 I have created energy numbers using the magnitude and spectral type to show the strength in the energy for each star. I have given a strength number for magnitude, spectral type letter and spectral type number. When all the strength numbers are added an energy number is created.

Magnitude      Strength Number

-2.0 to -1                          1

-0.9 to 0                           2

0.01 to 1                           3

1.01 to 2                           4

2.01 to 3                           5

3.01 to 4                          6

4.01 to 5                          7

5.01 to 6                          8

6.01 to 7                          9

7.01 to 8                       10

8.01 to 9                        11

9.01 to 10                      12


Spectral Type Letters      Strength Number

O                                 1

B                                 2

A                                 3

F                                 4

G                                5

K                                6

M                               7

L                                8

T                                9

WR                            1

N                              10

C                                1

Spectral Type Number      Strength Number

0 to 1                                1

1.01 to 2                           2

2.01 to 3                           3

3.01 to 4                           4

4.01 to 5                           5

5.01 to 6                           6

6.01 to 7                           7

7.01 to 8                           8

8.01 to 9                           9

9.01 to 9.9                       10


Energy Number 5 or below: very strong energy.

Energy Number 6 to 10: strong energy.

Energy Number 11 to 15: medium energy.

Energy Number 16 to 20: weak energy.

Fixed stars energy number list. (To open hover your cursor over the image on the top left corner and click on the symbol with 4 arrows.

When there are two or more stars and more than one magnitude all the numbers for the magnitude are added together and divided by the number of stars. If there is more than one spectral type the same method is used for the numbers as for the magnitude, but the letter for the highest energy is used.

Planetary Natures of Fixed Stars

The list of planetary natures of Fixed Stars lists the planetary nature for each of the fixed stars where the planetary natures are known. The planetary natures are used in addition to the above information to describe the character of each fixed star. Some stars only have one planet allocated to them and others more than one. Where there is more than one planet they are listed in order of strength of influence with the first planet as the dominant influence.