Astrology dictionary section M to O

Astrology dictionary section M to O

Masculine Signs

Six signs of the zodiac are masculine signs; they are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. They are considered to be expressive and increase extroversion.

Medium Coeli

This is the midheaven (MC). Apparently medium coeli translated from latin is middle of the sky.

Mean Motion

The average motion of a celestial body along its orbit within a specific amount of time is usually 24 hours. It's assumed that the celestial body is travelling in a circular motion around the Sun at a uniform speed; but the orbit for celestial bodies tends to be elliptical and the speed can vary.


A circle measured in longitude that passes through the north and south poles. The midheaven (medium coeli / MC) and imum coeli (IC) axis can also be referred to as the meridian.

Mixed Reception

The first planet is in the second planet's sign of rulership and the second planet is in the first planet's sign of exaltation.

Mutable Signs

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are mutable signs. In an astrology reading mutable signs can show adaptability and adjustment.

Mutual Reception

When there are two planets where they are in each other's sign of rulership they are in mutual reception. The influence can be positive and stronger than the influence  of a planet in exaltation.


The point on the celestial sphere opposite the zenith; it’s the lowest point on the astrology chart.

Natal Astrology Chart

Alternative name for an astrology birth chart.

Nodal Degree

Each sign has a nodal degree according to where the North Node is located. For example; if the North Node is at 6 degrees Leo then 6 degrees of every sign is a nodal degree. Each nodal degree is a sensitive point in the chart that is activated by transiting or progressing celestial bodies which can affect how personal progress can be made.


The nonagesimal is a point 90 degrees from the ascendant, it's not the midheaven (MC).

North Node and South Node

The North Node and South Node are points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic (the path the Sun appears to take around the Earth). When the Moon rises and crosses the ecliptic (at northern celestial latitude) it creates the North Node; when the Moon is setting and crosses the ecliptic (at southern celestial latitude) it creates the South Node. The North Node and South Node are always opposite each other. The Mean Nodes are always in retrograde; the True Node frequently changes from direct to retrograde motion and back to direct motion.

In an astrology reading the North Node shows traits, abilities and behaviour which need to be developed to attain achievement, success and fulfilment. It also represents what is feared, seen as a challenge or what is avoided because it's seen as the unknown. The South Node shows traits, abilities and behaviour which are already developed. The can offer you security, but if you rely on them too much your inclination to make progress in your life will be restricted. When there is a feeling of insecurity there is a tendency to act according to what the South Node represents in the chart.

North Node keywords

Constructive challenges that have to be met, events that contribute to personal growth, hereditary factors in health and illness that appear as you get older, lessons learned from new experiences that lead to personal growth, Path to fulfilment which can have difficulties, people who contribute to personal development, positive decisions that are difficult to make but have a beneficial outcome, positive direction, qualities needed for self-development, the actions of people who in a favourable or unfavourable way create circumstances with contribute to your self-development, the type of people you search for and get along with.

South Node keywords

Experience, habits, handicap, hereditary factors in health that appear from a young age, issues that affect the ability to make difficult decisions that can be beneficial for personal growth, path of least resistance, personal comfort zone, sacrifice without reward, the past, what has to be left behind for personal development, what is familiar and comfortable, where you retreat to when you are suffering.


An occultation is an eclipse of a celestial body by another celestial body.