Transiting Jupiter in houses

Transiting Jupiter in houses

Transiting Jupiter in the 1st house

Events that affect your overall view of life can make you feel more hopeful and optimistic than you previously felt. Possibly you may become too confident in the belief that good things will happen to you.

Transiting Jupiter in the 2nd house

Luck can be on your side where your finances and personal resources are concerned. Be aware you could spend more than you should or you could be more generous than necessary with your resources.

Transiting Jupiter in the 3rd house

Honesty and good judgement in communication with your neighbours and those in in your local area can be used to your advantage; but there may be problems if you exaggerate or boast about yourself and your experiences.

Transiting Jupiter in the 4th house

The truth and good judgement can be used to review your past and how experiences from your past affect your need for security. You may experience generosity from your family and from those within your domestic environment.

Transiting Jupiter in the 5th house

Good fortune may be on your side if you decide to take some risks, but overconfidence about the odds of a successful result can lead to a bigger failure that anticipated. To reduce the possibility of failure use good judgement and reason rather than faith and belief.

Transiting Jupiter in the 6th house

Where your health is concerned it's likely to be better than it usually is, but you are likely to gain weight which can be a problem if you want to start a diet. If you work for a living you could feel more confident and optimistic about this area of your life. Be careful not to take on more obligations and responsibilities than you can cope with.

Transiting Jupiter in the 7th house

If you're in a relationship you may have high expectations of what you expect to receive from the relationship you have with your partner that may be unfulfilled; although there can me more shared generosity with yourself and your partner. If you're not in a relationship optimism and good fortune can help you to find a potential partner.

Transiting Jupiter in the 8th house

It's possible you may receive money or a loan when you need it due to luck or from someone who is generous to you. Any personal transformations you initiate when Jupiter is in this house can be big and possibly overwhelming; faith in yourself and optimism may be required.

Transiting Jupiter in the 9th house

This can be a good time to take an opportunity to broaden your horizons by exploring other cultures, travelling abroad or increasing your knowledge through further education. Just don't take on more than you can cope with.

Transiting Jupiter in the 10th house

Where career issues are concerned luck may provide opportunities for promotion or recognition for your work. Regardless of whether or not you work for a living you could find that fortune is on your side in your efforts to achieve what you want from life. However, there could be a tendency to be over-optimistic about what you want to achieve.

Transiting Jupiter in the 11th house

There are likely to be plenty of opportunities to expand your social circle and bring more acquaintances in your life. In your friendships honesty may be more important than it usually is, so there could be some awkward moments due to exaggeration in conversation with your friends.

Transiting Jupiter in the 12th house 

The ability to be honest and have faith in yourself will be required to deal with any tendency you have to be your own worst enemy. Conquering personal obstacles can increase your confidence and if you're struggling in life may give you some hope for your future.