Transiting Mercury in houses

Transiting Mercury in houses

Transiting Mercury in the 1st house

Expressing your thoughts and ideas when you interact with people may be easier than usual. It's possible you could experience some anxiety or nervousness.

Transiting Mercury in the 2nd house

There may be opportunities to seek or receive information that can be valuable to you. Also a time to think about your finances or create ideas about how to earn more money.

Transitng Mercury in the 3rd house

A focus on communication in your life, especially with relatives, neighbours or those in your local environment. Due to mental stimulation it could be difficult to relax when Mercury is in this house.

Transiting Mercury in the 4th house

A time to think about what you have learned from past experiences if they can be used positively. There could be a tendency to think too much about unpleasant experiences from your past if you're insecure or unhappy.  

Transiting Mercury in the 5th house

Being mentally focused on what you enjoy could appeal to you. It could be more difficult than usual for you to think about personal responsibilities or obligations, but you may have more creative ideas.

Transiting Mercury in the 6th house

If you need to concentrate on work or chores that need to be done then this is the time to do so. If you're employed pay attention to how you communicate with those you work with to gain opportunities or avoid unnecessary difficulties. 

Transiting Mercury in the 7th house

Thinking about your approach to relationships and partnerships may be something you focus on when Mercury is in this house. How you discuss your thoughts and ideas can be used to resolve issues or create difficulties, so care should be taken not just in what you say but how you say it. 

Transiting Mercury in the 8th house

If you need to discuss matters associated with loans or financial issues that concern family or friends this could be the time to discuss them. Also during this time your thoughts could be drawn to how you feel about any personal psychological issues you may have.

Transiting Mercury in the 9th house

Mental stimulation may be sought from studying a subject, increasing your knowledge or travelling to a long distance location. Sharing ideas or discussing your point of view with those who have different beliefs to your own may appeal to you.

Transiting Mercury in the 10th house

Expect plenty of communication and interaction with people who can help you to attain what you want to achieve, especially with matters associated with your career. A time to seek useful information that can be useful in this area of your life.

Transiting Mercury in the 11th house

You're likely to feel more sociable than usual. Take the opportunity to spend some time with your friends and associates where you can share ideas and information that can be mutually beneficial.

Transiting Mercury in the 12th house

If you need some time alone to gather information or think about important issues in your life that need to be discussed at a later date, this is the time to do so.